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Industriebedarf und Schweißtechnik

Gas lenses accessories


Mesh made of sintered metall fleece

 Order-Nr.  Dimensions Suitable for Gas lens
   Ø 20,0 mm x Ø 5,6 mm x 0,9 mm  N17072xx; N09076xx; N09075xx
   Ø 13,9 mm x Ø 5,6 mm x 0,9 mm  N17071xx
   Ø 11,9 mm x Ø 4,6 mm x 0,9 mm  N17073xx; N09074xx; N09073xx; N09072xx
   Ø   8,9 mm x Ø 3,6 mm x 0,9 mm  N24070xx; N09071xx

Snap rings

Order-Nr. Dimensions Suitable for Gas lens
  Ø 5,4 mm x Ø 0,7 mm N17071xx; N17072xx; N09076xx; N09075xx
  Ø 6,5 mm x Ø 0,7 mm N17073xx; N09074xx; N09073xx; N09072xx
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