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JA - Protective Gas mini System

Suitable for TIG-Welding !

for "Forming" pipes Ø 17 mm - Ø 49 mm (Pipe inner diameter)

Equipped with 2 high temperature resistant silicone sealing discs, the system forms a sealing to the front and rear chamber.
Highly flexible in the area of elbows, it can be easily positioned using the hose.



*Optional, we can equip the Mini-System with a screwable sealing hemisphere stainless steel for the welding of pipe - flange !

The Mini System contains:

2x heat-resistant sealing discs

1x Sealing Disk bracket with Protective Gas in- and outlet

10 mtr. PVC - hose 5/8

1x Quick connect DN5

1x Hose connect DN5

1x Nut 1/4" R for Protective Gas reducer (alternatively 3/8"L)

4x SS-hose clips (VA)


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