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JA - 27 W

The Tig torch of the JA-27 W is water-cooled, resilient to 370 Amp. by 40% ED
Custom-made products are always possible !

Order-Nr. Type Length Ø Gas-cooled Water-cooled Connection Thread
N2701900A JA 27 W 200 mm 32,2 mm X Outer 2 x G 1/8"

Tig torch (N2701900A) = included insulating tube, without draw tube and rubber insulation !



ja 27

Order-Nr. Item
N17072xx Gas lens
N1705000 Insulator
N17060xx Collet 50 mm long
N27032xx Spannfix insert (Accessories)
Order-Nr. Item
N17071xx Gas lens
N2705200 Insulator
N17060xx Collet 50 mm long
N27032xx Spannfix insert (Accessories)

Order-Nr. Item
N17070xx Collet body
N2705100 Insulator
N17060xx Collet 50 mm lang
N27032xx Spannfix insert (Accessories)

The "XX" marked order numbers must be replaced with the desired bore diameter, please see after the corresponding lists!





Order-Nr. Item
N2703210 Spannfix insert Ø 1,0 mm
N2703216 Spannfix insert Ø 1,6 mm
N2703224 Spannfix insert Ø 2,4 mm
N2703232 Spannfix insert Ø 3,2 mm
N2703240 Spannfix insert Ø 4,0 mm
N2703300 Spannfix nut for insert
Order-Nr. Item
N2703000 Round seal, black
N2704000 Insulating pipe Ø 32,2 mm
N2704100 Rubber insulating
N2704200 Stud bolt M5
N2703100 Electrode-draw tube
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