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JA - 18 Series

The Tig torch of the JA-18 Series are water-cooled, silicone-isolated,
resilient to 375 Amp. by 40% ED

Order-Nr. Type Length Gas-
Flexible Connection Thread *smallest
construction height
N1801000I JA 18 50 mm X Inner 3/8"-24G UNF L (left) ca. 76 mm
N1802000I JA 18 L 70 mm X Inner 3/8"-24G UNF L (left) ca. 76 mm
N1830000I JA 18 LF 70 mm X X Inner 3/8"-24G UNF L (left) ca. 76 mm

*The smallest construction height is depending on the equipping !



ja 17

Order-Nr. Item
N17072xx Gas lens
N1705000 Insulator
N17060xx Collet 50 mm long
Order-Nr. Item
N17071xx Gas lens
N1705200 Insulator
N17060xx Collet 50 mm long

Order-Nr. Item
N17070xx Collet body
N1705100 Insulator
N17060xx Collet 50 mm long
Order-Nr. Item
N17073xx Gas lens (Conversion to 20)
N1705400 Insulator
N17061xx Collet 30 mm long

The "XX" marked order numbers must be replaced with the desired bore diameter, please see after the corresponding lists!

Order-Nr. Item
N1703100 Tig torch cap short
WP Ø 13,5 mm (black)
N1703200 Tig torch cap middle
WP Ø 13,5 mm (black)
N1703300 Tig torch cap long
WP Ø 13,5 mm (black)
N1703112 Tig torch cap short
HP Ø 12,0 mm (red)
N1703212 Tig torch cap middle
HP Ø 12,0 mm (red)
N1703312 Tig torch cap long
HP Ø 12,0 mm (red)
N1804000 Handhold, flat
N1804100 Switch socket
J0500002 JA-Grip plate compl. (small)
N0904300 Simple pressure switch, flat
N0904400 Simple pressure switch, round





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